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Dr. Cory E. Foster DDS, Professional LLC Services
If you are referred to a specialist for a procedure please check with our office to see if we need to send any important x-rays or chart notes.  We ask that you contact us after scheduling your appointment so that we can send the information as quickly as possible to avoid any delay in your appointment.   We can usually mail the information to the specialist office if we are notified in advance; otherwise the patient may pick it up from our office. 
Our office provides a range of general dentistry.  This includes white (resin) and silver (amalgam) fillings; porcelain, ceramic, and gold crowns and bridges, dentures, occlusal guards (night guards), implant restoration, take home bleaching kits, scaling/root planing (deep cleaning), and most extractions and root canals.  Occasionally we do have to refer a patient to a specialist for difficult extractions or root canals.  We do not perform wisdom teeth extractions in our office.